One of our main educational objectives at Hope is that our students learn how to be servant leaders in whatever profession they choose. Following the model that Christ set forth for us, servant leadership means putting the needs of others, the community, and the world ahead of oneself.

Through this servant leadership mentality, our alumni have ascended to significant levels of responsibility within their chosen profession. Take a look at a few of the thousands of graduates who are proud to call Hope International University their alma mater.

Arts & Entertainment

With the support and education from Hope, these alumni have worked for companies like Disney and Capitol Records, become successful musicians, well-known radio personalities and have been published.

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By keeping God at the center and through their education at Hope, these alumni have become successful leaders within various businesses that include the Insurance industry, retail, and non-profit sectors.

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Attending Hope gives you the opportunity to nurture your spirit as well as your mind. These alumni have committed their careers to providing a welcoming learning environment for future generations.

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These alumni serve their communities in a variety of ways by providing care for patients in rehabilitation, children's medical centers, and human development. The profound impact Hope has left in their hearts has played an increasing role in their passion for helping others.

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Ministry & Missions

Hope's commitment to the integration of faith, service, and learning has provided a foundation for our community's future ministry leaders.

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Social Services

Through a servant leadership mentality, our alumni have ascended to significant levels of responsibility to care for their communities and those in it. Through counseling and community service these alumni have followed their calling for helping those in need.

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Public Service

These alumni have applied their Christian values into making unique contributions to their communities, their country, and the world.

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